Undergradua e Research Team

Welcome to the WPI Undergraduate GMA research team landing page! Under the supervision of Professor Ottmar, our team assists in various projects such as the analyses of data from randomized controlled trials, and the development and implementation of Graspable Math and the WLCP.  

Nicholas Chantre

Nicholas Chantre is an Electrical & Computer Engineering student. He has had the opportunity to develop materials for the Graspable Math studies to be tested with students. He is fascinated by the subconscious mind and always looking to learn something new.

CiNdy Trac

Cindy is a Computer Science and Data Science double major who aims to make information more accessible to the everyday person. She is also a high school technology/engineering teacher-in-training. As a research assistant, she helps to develop content and deploy/test-run studies for the lab.

hailey anderson

Hailey Anderson is a computer science major and social science and policy minor. 

reilly norum

Reilly Norum  was a computer science major. She worked on multiple projects in the lab including IES dashboard, IES Data Mining, and FH2T data coding. She completed her Major Qualifying Project, which is completed senior year, identifying student behavioral patterns using k-means clustering and data visualization. This project was awarded the 2023 AERA Best Student Paper Award for Instructional Technology! 

chloe byrne

Chloe is a Bioinformatics/Computational Biology and Psychological Sciences double major at WPI. She has spent the past year working for the MAPLE lab and has become familiar with using R/Tableau for statistics and data visualization in the process. She currently works to clean and analyze data and has begun assisting in the paper writing process for a new study.

claire behning

Claire is a Biology and Biotechnology major, she is also in WPI’s Teacher Preparation Program to become a high school biology teacher. She is involved in the WLCP project.

julie andrade

stephanie reis

Stephanie Reis is an Environmental Engineering major who has been involved in the lab since Fall of 2020. She has been involved in helping to create teaching material and websites for Graspable Math and the WLCP. 

Roman wicky van doyer

Roman was a Computer Science Major at WPI. He was a software and database engineer for the IES Efficacy Study.

janette jerusal

Janette is a Data Science major, minoring in Management Information Systems. Her background is in biotechnology data mining and creating and implementing natural language processing models using machine learning. At WPI, she has been involved in novel aggregation and analysis of recently published studies and analyzing characteristics of Cold-Spray aluminum alloys through data analysis. At the lab, she is involved in the IES efficacy data project and looks forward to mastering new data analyzation methods through her work.

ethan turrett

Ethan Turett is a Robotics Engineering major at WPI minoring in Math, Physics, and Material Science. After joining the lab in Fall 2021, he has become a research assistant for the eye-tracking math study.

molly mahoney

Molly Mahoney is a Biomedical Engineering major and Chinese Studies minor who is pursuing the Pre-Physician Assistant track. She started working as an undergraduate research assistant for the lab fall of 2021.

justin roberts

justinE moy

SIDdhartha pradhan