Lab Meetings and Information

Here is our current lab meeting schedule and Schedule of Events

Lab Meetings

WLCP Meeting- Tuesdays 1-2pm

Undergrad Lab Meeting- Wednesdays 4-5 pm

FH2T Dashboard Meeting- Thursdays 10-11am

Grad and Postdoc Lab Meeting- Thursdays 3-4pm

FH2T Efficacy Study Data Meeting- Fridays 10-11am

*Until further notice, all lab meetings are held on Zoom. If you want to attend, email for the links!

*If you would like an individual meeting with Erin, please email

Important Dates and Events

Dan Manzo's Dissertation Defense- Wednesday April 22, 12-2pm

Hannah Smith's Masters Thesis Defense- Friday May 8, 10 - 12pm

Graduation- TBD. Postponed due to COVID-19