Graduate Research Team

Welcome to our lab! Here are the Graduate students that work with us in our lab.

Avery Closser

Avery Harrison Closser is a Ph.D. candidate in Learning Sciences & Technologies and is funded through the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program. Avery completed her B.A. at the University of Richmond where she studied cognitive psychology and then spent a couple years teaching English as a Second language in Thailand and Spain before attending WPI. In addition to her research on math education and learning technologies, Avery is committed to broadening participation in STEM fields through research, mentoring and outreach opportunities and is grateful to have received internal funding from the Women’s Impact Network to create such opportunities on campus through the creation of the Women’s Young Investigator Fellowship program.

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Hannah Smith

Hannah Smith is a second year Learning Sciences & Technologies graduate student at WPI. She was a commonwealth honors student at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth where she received her B.A. in Mathematics and her B.A. in Psychology and was a four year member and two year captain of the softball team as well as NCAA woman of the year nominee. She was also an undergraduate math tutor and teaching assistant. She came to WPI in 2018 to combine her interests in psychology, mathematics and education. Her research interests include using games as learning tools, teacher professional development, early childhood education and improving math ed.



Katie Drzewiecki

Katie Drzewiecki is a first year Learning Sciences & Technologies graduate student at WPI. She received her B.S. in Statistics and her B.S. in Psychology from Arizona State University in 2017 where she was a prominent member of the Social Addictions Impulse Lab and a professional tutor for high school and college aged students. Making the jump from alcohol and addictions research to learning sciences and technologies research was quite the experience! In 2019 she moved to Worcester to begin her graduate school journey with her two cats and four snakes. Her current research aims to develop interactive data analytics dashboards that display the clickstream log data from From Here to There in a way that is both easily interpretable and actionable for the teachers who will use those dashboards.

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jennifer st. john

Jen is a part time PhD student in the LST Program and is a 25 year veteran math teacher at Leicester High School. She is interested in all things learning and gesture. She is helping develop content and professional development for Graspable Math.

vy ngo

Vy Ngo is the Research Project Coordinator at the Educational Psychology and Mathematics Learning Lab. She recently graduated from Lawrence University, with a double major in Psychology and International Relations, and a minor in Economics. Her research interests focus on integrating the two fields of learning sciences and social psychology. She hopes to understand how new mathematics learning and teaching methods can promote gender equality in STEM fields. Through her research, she aims to contribute to practical changes in the field of education to better support learning and development, especially that of minority groups. Next year, Vy will join the Department of Learning Sciences and Technologies at WPI as a master's student.

luisa perez lacera

Luisa is a psychology major at WPI and will be joining the LST Masters program in the fall of 2020. She has worked on the WLCP project for several years.

aravind stalin

Aravind is a 2nd year Masters student in Aerospace Engineering. He is our software and database engineer for the IES Efficacy study

amisha jindal

Amisha is a 2nd year Masters student in Computer Science. She is working on the IES project to use machine learning to develop predictive models of students problem solving processes