mentoring and Service


Doctoral Students and Dissertations

Korinn Ostrow, PhD (awarded May 2018), A Foundation For Educational Research at Scale: Evolution and Application, Learning Sciences and Technologies

Seth Adeji, PhD (awarded May 2018), Refining Prerequisite Skill Structure Graphs Using Randomized Controlled Trials, Computer Science 

Kim Kelly, PhD (awarded October 2018), A Set of Experiments Investigating Methods to Improve Student Learning Through Self-Regulated Learning, Learning Sciences and Technologies

Anthony Botelho, PhD (awarded May 2019), Characterizing Productive Perseverance Using Sensor-Free Detectors of Student Knowledge, Behavior, and Affect, Learning Sciences and Technologies

Daniel Manzo, PhD (awarded May 2020), Learning Sciences and Technologies

Harrison Closser, Avery. (2022, L:earning Sciences and Technologies). Advisor and Committee Chair. 

Won a 2019 NSF Graduate Research Fellowship (NSF GRFP) Award

Masters Students and Theses

Matthew Micciolo, MS  (awarded 2018), Designing a Visual Programming Language for the Creation of Multiplayer Embodied Games, Interactive Media and Game Design 

Taylyn Hulse, MS  (awarded May 2019), Graspable Math K-12: Perspectives and Design for Formative Assessment of Mathematical Proficiency with Learning Technologies, Learning Sciences and Technologies

Avery Harrison, MS, (awarded May 2019), Exploring Measurement Estimation Through Learners Actions, Language, and Gestures, Learning Sciences and Technologies

Hannah Smith, MS (awarded May 2020), Learning Sciences and Technologies

Vy Ngo (awarded 2022). Learning Sciences and Technologies. 

Luisa Perez Lacera  (awarded 2022). Learning Sciences and Technologies.

Psychology MQP Projects Advised

Paul Pacheco (2021-22). Exploring Math Anxiety, Working Memory, Timed Testing, Math Performance, and Physiological Effects on College Students

Reilly Norum (2021-22).K-means Clustering of Student Behavioral Patterns and Advanced Visualization Methods of Learning Technology Data

Maria Daigle (2018-19). Deeper Learning in Paraguay: Examining Relations between Student Interpersonal, Cognitive, and Emotional Skills, Outcomes, and Career Aspirations at Escuela Agrícola, Paraguay

Lindsay Braith (2016-17). Even Elementary Students Can Explore Algebra! 

IQP Projects Advised

Twenty years down under: Documenting the history and assessing the impacts of WPI’s Melbourne Project Center- Lucas Zuccolo, Andrew Callahan, Killian Henson, & Sotorios Flippou (2016-17)

Interactive Environmental Education: Developing an African Village Exhibit- Guilherme Motta Baracchini, Zachary J. Estrella, Jeremiah R. Leonard, & Nicole C. Sherlock  (2016-17)

Sparking a change: Illuminating the path to an all-electric home- Ryan Conlon, Lorenzo Dube, Dylan Fontana, & Christine Schondek  (2016-17)

Inspiring Australian secondary school students through the Science Bootcamp program, Morgan Garbett, Nicholas Pratt, Jake Rivard, & Kayla Sica  (2016-17)

Violence Against Women: Using Interactive Performance to Inspire Change- Scott Friedlander, Steven Knott, Alyssa Marzella, & Regina Reynolds  (2016-17)

Bringing museum audience segmentation to life- James Beucler, Katherine Comeford, Alessandra Paolucci, & Kendall Rooney  (2016-17)